Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Le Pouteeen Fi ve Thou Sand

You've been a devastating model in my on piece man.

You've jacked my gun dude. i' m ready to rain bullets on this foyer hard core in the sweepest sense.

Dude chill out. We've got Bond street to think about and the people there to think about the perps.

Those dudes let out out in skin suits with onion paper on their feet.

The dude with machine gun wrote a poem about some shit about an door keeper and a ziplock bag and this's what happened

The map

the door keeper
sent the ziplock bag.
the blood and gun

you piece "

He thought about the business namely the dry cleaning he had to do

and blew himself up because ultimately it didn't rea

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ratslayerrrrrr said...

Bravo. Bravvvvo!!! Keep 'em coming. The day La Poutttine dies is the day I delete this blog!!