Thursday, May 10, 2007

What do celebs say about DiSaronno?

Paris Hilton: "Thats hot!"

Ted Haggard: "Drinking DiSarronno made me a sinner. When I stopped, I emerged completely heterosexual."

Michel Foucault: "Je suis mort de boire trop de cette merde."

Wikipedia: "Disaronno Originale (56 proof), the most popular brand, has a characteristic bittersweet almond taste and is known for its distinctive appearance. Disaronno claims its "originale" amaretto's "secret formula" is unchanged from the year 1525[8], and claims the Luini tale as its own particular history. Its production remains in Saronno, but the product is sold worldwide.

The company describes its amaretto as an infusion of "apricot kernel oil" with "absolute alcohol, burnt sugar, and the pure essence of seventeen selected herbs and fruits". The amber liqueur is presented in a rectangular glass decanter designed by a craftsman from Murano.

Formerly known as "Amaretto Disaronno", the company changed the name to "Disaronno Originale"."

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