Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Work in Progress: For Vague Comments ONLY

guiding principle: pouteen: an explosive hagiography

Name Description
Henry Vandervoort A cool, calculating, cumming secret agent man.
Ash Newell The daughter of the Congressman and the Policewoman.
Jason o. Stephanie A farm boy from the American heartland , never been to London, New York, Caracas, or any other place outside of the American heartland, but he's an espionage expert who communicates via secure network, provides his insights.
Porfirio Oleander A clergyman who is an expert on the dead sea scrolls but
also dabbles in the what have you...he studied at oxford but left before he received is doctorate because he thought it was gay. Carries kitanas.
Count Joe Vandervoort Henry Vandervoort’s father. He drives speedboats in Bavaria and is a well regarded recluse.
Dr. “Ricardo” (true name unknown) Plastic surgeon who specializes in neck and hand enhancements.
Mashina Seks ( Russian for “sex machine”) Russian supermodel / turncoat. Biological sister of , but neither of them knows it.
Sir Kenneth “Rodney” Boxbury An wise old man whose greatest weakness is an uncontrollable carnal lust for wiser, older men.
Lisa “Airplanedriver” Cesspool A pilot.
Uncredited A barista.
A hip-hop mogul who is obsessed with implanting diamonds just underneath his skin.

Lucien - a castrato who twitters an internees for his older men
Elements of the Research that Shall be Done
Watch spy movies
Watch Lambo vids/content
gay lambo:
interesting internet post: “I cum Lamborghini oil from my 6.2 liter tank LOL” (link)

Plot Device Ideas
This is the beginning of the movie: A banquet dinner, with tall candles and servants all around. A man errupts from his chair, “Excuse me, have I told you how lovely your nipples are which protrude and are hard?” Woman flops big naturals out of her blouse. Man begins to suck. She begins to lactate. Nipple removed from mouth. Sprays all over. Sprays the silk wallpaper. Man gesticulates wildly with his arms and dances behind his chair. Random unkown man wearing a bolo tie and pencil moustache arises and says, “Wife, I’ve found my new parnter!” SIlent bullet pierces his skull. Bus boy says, “There’s a clean hole right all through this brain and skully. And from the taste of it, it’s English.” He scoops. End scene.
lunch scene, Bethany and stephany. Female ejaculate/squirt-juice all over their woman-faces. Beth: yo steph, where do you wanna lick? Steph: I wanna lock on your wall but also on your beaver. Beth: my beaver is wet and wild right now, but all I know is my beav-wall is cleaving for yor tongue bone. Steph: game on, I cannot wait to jump in a bloody river with you. Are we gonna do this? Beth: yes maybe yea yes yea, number one okay number two were gay (screeching caught offside Lamborghini crashes into a meat market they both look outside to the hunge billowous flaming gaseous flames). Bethany writes a letter on parchment to get mother: dear Lois I finally saw beauty, it was fire. Then she commits ritual hari-kari suicide. End scene.
funeral scene in sleepy hallow, westcher county. A somber midwinter milieu eulogist: he live how he died, in a way. He spat on his own grave. This is both an undertaken and the launching of a titanic of our own making. Now let us begin the spy narrAtive
jason o Stephanie hands an empty revolver to Mashina - she says I'll go first and pulls nine bullets from her bra strap - fills all the chambers - places the gun to her temple and fires she dies the end thanks for coming and please clean your personal spaces before the next audience

story arc
there is an accidental murder by the daughter of the comgresswoman and the policeman of a capo in the bond street syndicate, which deals in human trafficking heroin haute couture and lambos.
vamdervoort takes charge they flee to Caracas via a connecting flight in Montreal, but in Montreal they accidentally kill a housekeeper in montreals finest premium hotel. D has a crisis and decides to keep a tooth. They depart to caracas. Where they meet an uncle and the plane driver drunk on the local alcohol at a botanica. She talks about the killings to machine seks incognito as a friar who immediately teletypes it to jason o Kimberley and the priest whilst adjusting her mousyache. She's offered wine but she refuses because she wants to stay alert tonight . Vamdervoort calls his local Lamborghini rep and orders up a honeysuckle yellow hot rod Lamborghini machine, which Mashona seks overhears removes her garb and switches sides
Mashona panfish between two worlds both of which are highly sexualized. It's the most secret sex in the world. If you tell a soul ill crush your roofers betwixt my legs
Screenplay Outline