Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Le Pouteien. I love Matt Jay Jewnamepolish VIV

I saw you in the hotel. Against the mahogany bar your hair draped your glass so well. I almost broke out my knife right there and gutted the sommelier. Red wine isn't my bait.

Would you like the fish or rather the beef entree they decided for us.

Nothing. I rather have nothing. Just talk to me and feed me some g and t's. Please.

I've got two plane tickets waiting for us right now at LGA. This is important for us. We need a trip to make things appropriate. My appetites for constant beef injects are killing are relations.

I'm willing to do what's appropriate. Nothing more.

In this time of desperate iniquity, I challenge you to be a proper kill man.

I'm strapped with C4 at this very moment.

I'll count.

I'll start. One.

I'll progress. Two.

I'll continue. Three.

I'll End. Four.


A blood stream infuses the apartment and the detritus licks down the stairs like a stream of happy little children.


I'm still alive. I've managed to wear a bomb-proof vest. And I strapped one on to you too. You're still alive.

I'm alive.

Yes. Excellent. Let's move the operation to the best place I think we'll be safe -- Tehran. No one will suspect.



Le Pouteien. I love Matt Jay Jewnamepolish VIII

The whole show started with an explosion on the top floor of the H&R Block minimart at the corner of St. Le Bouin and avenue Go. We had explosives in our pockets ready to do the next "Job." I thought to myself, "This job could really turn the whole operation."

"Partner, let's ride this whole crazy thing out in my Lambo while wearing Gucci suits and smoking expensive, very expensive Cigars. I love the smoke billowing when I talk about important things."

"Crime partner, JOE, we are ready to C4 this place on Moscow street DUNKE!"

"Associate, I have my Ferrari outside; you'll notice the candy red sex machine outside the crippling hot Italian Bistro."

"Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm," the Ferrari says.

I've strapped gun powder to my groin. I can't believe we're not going to Dakha together.

I know. We're losing control. Fast.

Let's keep the speed going even more. Let's hijack a plan at the nearest airport.


Magical things ensue. Nobody found a way to redeem the beings.

They were all the way to the right. They took on all sorts of stage names.

And wore doll faces.

Eh. Fuckin' fuckin' fuckin' fuck.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is an Ignorant Racist

Congratulations you loser!!! You're third-string at life, just like your bald husband!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Fellow, Never, Fellow, November, Fellow, Somber



We'd rather fish for COD. COD goddamn you. COD. I don't want anything or

He said Fuddgee. I said Fuck.
My parents have fucked for a long time and I'm obviously alive because some semen wafted its way down into an end place.

i am who i am.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; this is what happens when you drive on eggs.


Le Pouteen the third god blast if we had anything else i ahve nothing. ONe. nothing

Waking. Morning of dusk in Montreal. I had just bombed the Volvo outside our hotel for no particular reason. My cat was dead. Sure, that'll do. It's a good enough reason I guess.

I had three passports left. Three that would probably work anyway. I grabbed two out of my bag at random and threw them into the grate. Who am I leaving clues for

Brussels. 48 Hours later.

Machine guns blazings off the counter tops of my neighbors kitchen. The fire from the shells started a flame in the back alley?

"You started a fire with your goddamn fireshots! "

"Chill out. Calm down."

"I'm grabbing a cab and

"Don't leave me.

"Fuck you....I just shat in your shoes. I loved you when you had a gun."

they blazed out in the sunset 7:30pm......

Tuesday, September 2, 2008