Sunday, September 21, 2008

Le Pouteien. I love Matt Jay Jewnamepolish VIV

I saw you in the hotel. Against the mahogany bar your hair draped your glass so well. I almost broke out my knife right there and gutted the sommelier. Red wine isn't my bait.

Would you like the fish or rather the beef entree they decided for us.

Nothing. I rather have nothing. Just talk to me and feed me some g and t's. Please.

I've got two plane tickets waiting for us right now at LGA. This is important for us. We need a trip to make things appropriate. My appetites for constant beef injects are killing are relations.

I'm willing to do what's appropriate. Nothing more.

In this time of desperate iniquity, I challenge you to be a proper kill man.

I'm strapped with C4 at this very moment.

I'll count.

I'll start. One.

I'll progress. Two.

I'll continue. Three.

I'll End. Four.


A blood stream infuses the apartment and the detritus licks down the stairs like a stream of happy little children.


I'm still alive. I've managed to wear a bomb-proof vest. And I strapped one on to you too. You're still alive.

I'm alive.

Yes. Excellent. Let's move the operation to the best place I think we'll be safe -- Tehran. No one will suspect.



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