Thursday, September 22, 2011

After-the-fact Live Blogging the '2 Broke Girls' Premiere via Gchat Transcript

me: so bored at work

that i'm streaming 2 broke girls ep. 1

Adam: hahaha

how is it?

me: just started
3:37 PM
there's some hipsters in it

they are wearing skiing hats or something

she just "burned"

one of em

and called the other hipster

Adam: niiiice

me: and made fun of him for liking coldplay

and she said vagina
3:38 PM
then it showed the othre waitress fucking someone

jesus can't believe this is on network tv

i would be pissed if i had kids and they saw this

Adam: lol


v chip baby
12 minutes
3:51 PM
me: ooh rape joke


Adam: uh oh
3:52 PM
hopefully no one from jezebel watched

me: "Next STop Greenpoint"

on the subway
3:56 PM
ooh white after labor day joke

not sure which is worse

Adam: did they laugh track play after "next stop greenpoint"?

me: probably

no wait no they didn't
3:57 PM
Adam: damn

me: oh shit the arcade fire concert

just let out across the street from the diner

3:58 PM
Adam: omg

the ole poutine rush
3:59 PM
me: dude can i save this gchat transcript to disaronnoblog

as "liveblogging 2 broke girls"?

i won't use your last name

Adam: lol

me: and i can redact the first

Adam: sure

me: sweet
4:00 PM
best liveblogging ever
4:01 PM
oh shit!

they're riding a horse!

they're gonna keep it in kat dennings' yard

Adam: that makes sense

as long as they feed it PBR
4:02 PM
me: they are drinking really big starbucks ice coffees

horses love those

Adam: yeah i saw that in a press photo

me: first episode of best show ever

officially over

Adam: least authentic wburg drink ever

me: they made $384 according to the running total