Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DiSaronno Newsflasher


DiSaronno Blog is once again breaking all the rules of conventional blogging. We now have two polls up AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME! CAN YOUR MIND HANDLE THAT! Make sure to vote in both exciting polls, to see if we will put up a new third poll.

The stakes have never been higher! Make sure to exercise your right to vote here on DiSaronno Blog!

Eurelectro Friday: Anette Funicello Edition (Continued)

Conspicuously missing at this pajama party is anyone wearing a union suit.

Eurelectro Friday: non-Eurelectro Fishbone Edition

DiSaronno Ranter: Annoying Unsolicited Phone Call from Conservative Candidate in a Different State Edition

This just in:

Paul Bussman's campaign for Alabama senate has resorted to automated calls to people that have never stepped foot in the state of Alabama! I wonder if Mr. Bussman can explain how mass calling fits into family values; does this intrusion into my life fit in with conservative integrity? Paul, you obviously already have my phone number so I will be anxiously awaiting your answer to my query. I guarantee it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Listen Closely

Little known fact: Luigi Disaronno and Eugene Dick have a copyright on the "infinite swirl" move dating back to early 1993.

Check out this little dog munching on corn

Tuesday, October 5, 2010