Saturday, May 24, 2008

The sad pathetic conclusion and Redemption of Le Poutaien

Partner: We had made it. All the way around the world and back. I'm tasted the feasts of many and too many nations.

Other Partner: I can say hello to you in eight different languages. I can comb my hair in many styles now according to region and climate

Main Partner: Guys, we've got to blow out of here leave this deli because I just planted massive C4 in the basement with the gas oil.

Partner: Let's roll the dice. Luck and love have always fooled the sage. See what happens?

Main Partner: Partner, I'm strapping my parachute on and jumping off this jumbo jet because this deli's gonna explode into lava flames.

Other Partner: I once had a cousin I thought was cool, and he just turned out to be a drunk conservative.

Partner: Just put some hot sauce on that mother to calm the taste.

Other Partner: I'm moving to Ohio to live near the Great Lakes. Water supply and the chatter about rust belt Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Main Partner: I'm walking off the stage with dignity you sinking mud bodies.

Other Partner: I've got a jet to the coast and I'm gonna plant sugar crystals in the coast and I'll have a sturdy shit ship.

Partner: Captain's been a land mammal. You have no Captain and your cell phone is sweating all over my cheek. You're a wiked old man.

They all die and jet off to Bond Street.

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