Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Promised Luigi that I'd have a shnazzy po$t up by $undown, or elze I'd get fired (NOT as in fired up). $orry wrld, there'z ju$t not enuff nooz the$e dayz to po$t about. What R U gonna do about it? N then I thought about it n' I didn't wanna lose this $weet! gig, livin' in the $weet! lap of luxury not havin' to worry about billz, just loungin' around in a pool of di$aronno all day, next to the hot tub full of GOOEY BLENDR DRINX, sippin' hot toddiez n' poppin' yellow prrots.

So then I sat down and buckled down for a few dayz, called up my editor, went thru a few draftz to po$t these gemz for u, and then I had a revelation that u gotta wrk hard at blogging if you wanna make it to the big leagz.

But sumtimez it getz a little tuff, you know, pounding my head again$t the wall, trying to always be 6 steps ahead of the other DiSaronno Riderz, and about 58 steps ahead of the other blogz. My head hurts sometimes. Not even Newprin can help me out. What's a starving artiste to do?

HELPE ME OUT! Give me your suggestion of how best to keep coming up with funky a$$ $hit like every single day.

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