Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free Wheelin' & Deelin' and a Lil' Ramblin'

So the craiglist free adz R amazing these days. I've already picked up tonz of stuff that I didn't even know I needed till I picked it up: champagne buckets, torpedo sized incense, 10 free couches, and tons of wood and rocks. Sometimes you just gotta get things for on the cheap. Plus U get to meet some pretty awsome dudez and dudettes when you pick up the free stuff, because anyone who is willing to give you something for free is automatically an awesome hippy. But do you ever worry when you go to pick up your free stuff? What if U get there and they change their mind and ask you for some $money$ to take away their stuff? There's gotta be a way to protect ourselvez from Snakez on a Plane/in the gra$$.

So anyway, what do you think is more dangerous, a snake or a mongoose? If a snake and a mongoose where to sit down next to each other and play some online yahoo chess, who would win? Would they enact a time limit on their moves? Did you ever have a Mongosse bicycle growing up, or were you strictly into Huffy's? Do either brandz make grown up bikes? They make kiddie stuff out of grown-up brandz, so why not vice versa? Isn't that the best way to relive the glory days of peeing in a diaper and having people spoon feed you?

Did you think for a sec that that was a man and not a little child? Is that because I stretched the picture or just because you weren't looking carefully?

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