Friday, May 2, 2008

What is everyone in this picture thinking?

Winner will not be chosen until MONDAY!. To whom much time is given, much is expected.


Eratic Prarie Dog said...

What is everyone in this picture thinking?

Hillary: “Hey mister, if you give me something better than Billy’s Willy then I promise I will be your ally if I’m president.”

Groper: “Hey baby, I don’t want no ally. I want to wrap you in the American flag and fuck you for glory!”

Bill: “Man I love these events for swinging couples. I just wish I could make a permanent trade.”

Anonymous said...

These things smell like shit.

Luigi DiSaronno said...

"These are real. It's the rationale behind your gas tax holiday plan that's fake."

Anonymous said...

Hey, a ladie's gotta do something to get in to the oval office.