Sunday, May 4, 2008

Le Pouteian Act Five IVIVVdashII

We managed to make some friends (this is Beirut.

I'm pregnant.

they gave us guns and then we hid them under our rucksacks.
We felt we could trust them

we could trust them.

guess what. Jimmy gave us fake guns and they're loaded with C4.

Place them under the car slowly. Very


Very carefully.


I don't know, Gerald (Gerald is dead), If i can deal any more. My throat is burning from the smoke.

Fair. All these points are fair, and I'm willing to cap all these civilians if I can have a decent attorney.

we're all doomed. we're all in the crap shoot as they say.

too bad you don't know that i have an explosive strapped to my chest at this very second.


we've lost control and let me take the wheel. you're dead. it's only me.

(massive explosions)

I once knew a man, and I've had a crappy drink from this shit well.

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