Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Liveblogging From Work - Phoenix Edition

10:02 AM: Get 3 phone calls at once. Wish I could just transfer one caller to talk to the others.

10:07 AM: Make the mistake of calling one of the most annoying employees at my company to ask a favor. The favor comes at a price.

10:08 AM: Said employee enters my office and tells me what he's having for lunch. "Beef hearts." Beef hearts? "They're beans now but they'll be farts later!" That's quite a 1950's style knee slapper.

10:22 AM: Head up go good ol' Staff Appreciation Day. Continental breakfast is served (employee asks me which continent). I inform him that the breakfast will probably consist of pasteries and fresh fruit. I am correct. Receive a Staff Appreciation Day gift of a tote and an umbrella. The umbrella is The Gift for Staff Appreciation Day 2K8.

10:51 AM: Enough fun, I am going for a smoke.

1 comment:

Eratic Prarie Dog said...

Maybe you should get crazy Rosie's number and transfer calls to her?