Wednesday, April 2, 2008

From Russia, With Lounge

Finally, something other than vodka [note: still second to gin] that comes from Russia and makes you feel good! Ozone Cocktail is a band that I am surprised have been around for so long and are still so obscure. Their diverse hybridized style leads one source to say "Ozone Cocktail is more than just a fruity elixir—a tasty blend of Amaretto, sweet & sour mix and a splash of beer and Sprite."

Amaretto? Sounds perfect for this blog's readers. New album recently out (see cover below).

Here's a bonus video for their song "Magnetic Power." Circus outfits for the band members? A 1950s microphone? Acrobats? What's not to like (besides when the acrobats screw up at the end)?

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