Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The World Has Spoken

After a week-long poll to determine the Hottest Vacay Spot for Summer 2K8, the people have spoken (by people I mean the 24 losers that still read this shit on a daily basis), and determined Cleveland to be the destination of choice. While we could praise this Midwestern shithole for being deemed America's most livable city by the Economist in 2005, having a booming steel industry, or sustaining three historically-horrible professional sports franchises, we here at the Dblog would instead like to offer this picture of Cleveland on fire (Disclaimer: this was the most controversial picture I could find on Google Images when searching various combinations of Cleveland, Cleveland Blows, I hate Cleveland, Cleveland Sucks, etc.)

So enjoy yourselves fools, because while you're burning in Cleveland this summer, I'll be sitting at my favorite restaurant on the boardwalk in Brighton Beach getting ignored by my servers as I curse Russians everywhere!


Anonymous said...

where's the poll? I could have sworn there was more time to vote! Was it a tie? Did somebody win? The world will never know.

MJ said...

Dude, Cleveland rocks. I didn't realize your stupid poll was meant to be facetious, i'm actually going to cleveland this summer.

Proud Ohian,