Monday, February 11, 2008

A Word From Tyko McGee - The State of the Blog

Dear DiSaronno Blog,

STOP! Your comment battles for each post are both annoying and a wasted effort. You should be using your time to make more posts, not inane banter about each post. That is like smelling the jenkem for an hour; everyone knows that the jenkem loses its potency after the first huff, so don't sit there smelling your shit if it's not going to make you trip balls. I would love it if you could make more posts about The Wire, I love that show. Don't live blog anymore, because it makes me sad that I am not watching TV with you.


Tyko McGee


Anonymous said...

That looks like Ryan Mirian and reminds me of this:

Jesus Christ said...

This post is stupid. We need more liveblogging. Motion to remove Phoenix from the blog. Who's with me.

Luigi DiSaronno said...

I have not read a single one of these "Tyko McGee" posts, and I would like them to stop.

Phoenix Doherty said...

Don't kill the messenger, I'm just passing on the opinions of our most loyal fan.