Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dance or Die

Last night a few of the boys were able to get out and show our support for the American debut of Yelle. After a few shots of gin, a few high lifes, an order of fish and chips and a half bbq pulled duck sandwich later, I finally reflected upon how utterly spectacular this concert was. With the help of Luigi and Kerri, I will now attempt something no one has ever bothered to try before: retrospective live blogging. The concert went something like this:

6:44 P.M. - Arrive at Welcome to the Johnsons, give my ipod to the bartender to play for the entire bar. Sit next to a gentleman with an amazing mustache.

7:38 P.M. - Arrive at my apartment, get ready for the show (i.e. put on the most hipsterish outfit I own).

8:32 P.M. - After squeezing into my jeans, we squeeze into an equally tight cab. Cab driver, amazingly enough, speaks perfect english, and even suggests a shortcut that works to get us there faster.

8:46 P.M. - We arrive at the show. Kap10kurt is about to perform. They perform and it is pretty awsome. The venue does not have DiSaronno, so Luigi is forced to pour warm gin into his throat. Kerri joins in the fun.

9:52 - P.M. Anticipation is mounting for Yelle. Now there no space left anywhere, and there are a lot of people that do not appreciate me carrying 4 PBRs with me. It's 92 degrees and I still have my jacket and scarf on. I take off my scarf, never to see it again (Alexis, I lost it. It was NOT good looking out on my part).

10:01 - P.M. Silence. Then all of a sudden, Yelle jumps out on stage and starts singing Tristese Joie. The peasants rejoice. If you don't like her then you probably don't like life.

10:40 P.M. - It's hot as fuck in here. Don't know how much longer I can be in the front row. I snap a picture from my phone for good luck and head to get a cup of ice to rub over my face.

10:52 P.M. - I think there was shot of tequila sometime around here.

11:29 P.M. - Start heading out of the show. Decide to get a midnight snack at Grace (see the food items listed at the top of this post). Delicious.

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