Wednesday, February 20, 2008


When I brought up the possibility of going to Bermuda for the weekend, on a flight that costs only $217 round-trip including all taxes, all I heard was a bunch of whining. "It's too cold," they cried. "The water temperature won't be high enough," and "My vagina might get sandy," the bitching went on and on. Well, all I had to say was fuck that. I went ahead and bought a flight and, although most rooms or sold out, and the costs of lodging will probably outweigh the cost of the flight, I will see water this weekend. And not the water of some dirty river or harbor.
This water:

And, there will be girls in Bermuda. And not some pasty girl wearing all black chain smoking cigarettes outside of some horrible bar that smells like a bum's asshole.
Girls like this:

Who has money?

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