Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm Starting a Band: Jesus Christ and the Filthy Cunts

As originally posted on Coneyislandist (The Lost Treasure):

We are a band in the sense that we band together. Because we have no instruments or talents we do not play music. We are Jesus Christ and the Filthy Cunts.

Book us for your party and we will show up and hang out and mingle. We will sell tee shirts.

Our "songs" have no lyrics or music, but they do have titles. Here is the tracklist from our new album, "Man Milk":

1. Jasper the Friendly Aborted Fetus

2. Bacardi & Cola (the Speedball Mix)

3. Kung Fu Fist Fuck

4. Jesus Christ (Loves the Cock)

5. Strap-On Mary Magdalene

6. Familial Chernobyl

7. Dawwwwwg!

8. That 70's Song

9. Placenta Lunch Special

10. Native American Genocide (Historical Revisionmix)

11. Murray Hill Frat Dudes

12. Questionable Brown Liquid

13. The Hoodie Song


Firebird said...

14. Luigi Disaronno Wears Man Capris

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Anonymous said...

Jesus will forgive you if you repent. Jesus loves.