Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HAIKU contest

Since the caption contest is getting a little too easy, DiSaronno Blog is going to put a few twists:

1. You have to watch a video, which debatabley takes more time than looking at a picture

2. Your caption must fit into a haiku.

Winner will receive a cup full of frozen green tea.


Jim Morrison said...

Green Day video
more originality
the dancers are great

Firebird said...

Too complicated
For this simple audience
We are retarded

MJ said...

twenty seconds in
my attention span is spent
puppy puppy fuck

Mark Gastineau said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark Gastineau said...

This music is bad
Ben needs to learn how to blog
I need to go poop

Firebird said...

Deleted comment
Fascist administrators
Jack each other off

Anonymous said...

Still no winner named:
How about some follow-through?
Get it together.

Phoenix Doherty said...

No comment is good
There will not be a winner
Go play with yourselves