Friday, February 1, 2008

Fuck the Superbowl

Honestly America, this whole fascination with football is a little late 70's, don't you think? As we try and match the sophistication of the Europeans, sports should increasingly become more of an after-throught in the present moment. Let's turn our attention away from touchdowns and cheerleaders to a more refined form of entertainment. Yes that's right, I'm talking about the annual Puppy Bowl!! Watching a full day of puppies romping around all cute and such is just the thing to take you from hoi polloi to elite in my book. Get with the program America, because only the common few should really care about such a barbaric game.


Not amused said...

I randomly came across this blog and I am appalled that you people would celebrate this blatant abuse of poor defenseless animals. I hope that one day you jerks will get over seeing the exploitation of animals as some sort of joke and come to see that god's creatures are truly amazing and equal beings deserving of our care and respect.

Disaronnogirl said...

Dear Disaronno Blog,

You guys rule! I love your blog. I also think you're all really hot and would love to give you all tugjobs one day at the same time.

Can you PLEASE liveblog the Puppy Bowl for me? That would be awesome. I'm not wearing anything right now.