Friday, February 1, 2008

Connecticut Clam Chowder

While perusing my local Bowery Whole Foods establishment one Friday afternoon, I came upon the soup. I knew that I wanted clam chowder, but I could not decide between creamy-delicious New England clam chowder and the tomoatoey-delicious Manhattan variety. That is when I discovered a third way, a sort of bipartisan solution to the chowder dilemma-problem. I combined the two available varieties, part for part, into single bowl of hybridized soup.


But what to name this chimerical broth? Though technically in New England, Connecticut provides many Manhattan-based captains of industry with a place to lay their heads and headquarter their hedge funds. Neither truly New England nor much like Manhattan, Connecticut would provide the name for Connecticut Clam Chowder!


soup gestapo said...

Connecticut is in New England. Therefore, its chowder of choice would be that of the creamy New England variety.

Also, pretty sure that is a photo of vegetable soup rather than Manhattan clam chowder.

ieatsoupgestapoforbreakfast said...

soup gestapo, you are just stupid. who are you to decide what is and what is not the preferred chowder type for an entire state? given the disparity and non-uniformity of the avereage connecticut resident, there are certainly those that pefer manhattan clam chowder to new england chowder. furthermore, i am fairly certain that you have never seen manhattan chowder before, nor were you aware of its existance. "village soup dunce" would be a more fitting title for you. i hope that you enjoy your ignorant bliss till you fall from the clouds of heaven, and your innards splatter onto the steaming pavement somewhere in the great state of connecticut.

Luigi DiSaronno said...

Hey soup gestapo, google says that's Manhattan Clam Chowder and google knows.

N.B.: I realized after posting that I should've called this 2 soups 1 cup.

Tony Ratslayer said...

As a sort of compromise, how about Yonkers Clam Chowder? That would also do justice to the general shittiness of this mongrel recipe.

Firebird said...

This new recipe doesn't even deserve to be called New Jersey Chowder.

Mark Gastineau said...

I prefer mixing borscht and cream of wheat.