Thursday, February 28, 2008

Di Saronno Muckraker: Barrelling Down the Memory Hole

The New York Observer is a minor paper, and fitfully so. Whatever the retraction policies of its print edition, its Real Estate blog clearly lacks integrity on this front. It has failed to properly notify the public of a retraction, perhaps ignorant of the power of internets magic to unearth their manipulative deception.

Compare this post about Parker Posey selling her East Tenth Street apartment and moving to 30 Fifth Avenue with this google cache of the same page. The key difference is the following sentence:

"Surmounting the real estate slump and the writer's strike to move uptown... sounds like the stuff of Hollywood."

Clearly this "Real Estate blogger" knows nothing of NYC geography and is incapable of using finding an address on a map. 30 Fifth Avenue is at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Tenth Street, you Real Estate Retard. Clearly the Observer has realized their mistake, but their failure to print a retraction only compounds my outrage. Parker Posey moved crosstown, yes, but nary a block uptown. Consider yourself DiSaronno Muckraked, Observer.


Anonymous said...

Not only do they lack the intelligence to know where 10th street is, but they also lack the integrity to admit their folly? BOYCOTT!

Phoenix Doherty said...

It's because of stunts like this that I do not read this stupid newspaper or its real estate blog.