Thursday, February 14, 2008

Future Happenings with "Steve" Stevelson

Yes. Hello! This is "Steve". Remember me from 2008. Except now I come from the future. Many things have happened since before it became this way. Let me give you the initial download on this whole situation. To begin with, here is a picture of my gyrocopter (as a background to this whole situation, I'll mention this: "The gyrocopter has become the typical mode of transpo since mid-July 2008. Most of the tourists have been riding these japanese knock-offs of gyrocopters since circa '09, but mine is a kit that I bought from Disaronnoblo (henceforth referred to as the "Company" or "Blog") after it became a main online commercial hub for light, non-fixed wing aircraft. Surprisingly the staff of the original Company all died of fagotry according to the Mayan Calendar:

That was when gyrocopters were really "taking off" and so a few people saw an opportunity to capitalize on the Blog's cache. Bidding wars ensued and the Blog briefly sunk deeply into a fiscal quagmire......" The picture I promised you:

That's me, "Steve", in my dual-spinner gyrocopter. Fly so high in the sky gyro gyro. You know who you are gyrocopter. Yeah you have the dual-spinners. Go gyrocopter go go go gyrocopter. "hey, steve." "yes?" "it's me the gyrocopter in the air above." "what can i do for you?" "ride me. ride me hard in the future. 2047 is extremely up to date in terms of modern flying machines

So anyway, as I was mentioning that I'd been quote as saying before, "The Blog's original staff member got eaten by baboons!

they committed mass suicide:

that was a silly, thing to do, guys!
Getting back to the here and now {or should I say the future (now)!}
I was able to pick one person to join me in my gyrocopter when I took the original transcontinental flight to the Future after some trial runs during which I managed to make quite a few neighbors unhappy due to the surprising noise.
At this time, I had come to be fairly close relationship-wise to Matthew McConaughey because he was in Fool's Gold which I liked. He appreciated that because only now in the year 2047 do people really appreciate that Fool's Gold was more about just treasure than anything whereas before it was perceived as anything but.
Fool's Gold with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson: a film to watch.


Kerri Struggle said...

man, you must be losing it over there at bain. kookie.

Firebird said...

what mass suicide is that photo from?