Friday, June 17, 2011

Notes From My Commute Part 1 (of a 8,234 part series)

A Japanese approximation of the New York City subway system.

Today, on my daily commute from SpaLIta up to the DMZ part of Midtown (located betwixt the Grand Central County-area and the urban haven of Times Sq.), a large Caribbean (I think) man in a freshly-pressed white suit and sunglasses, holding a tape recorder, microphone, and professional-looking headphones that he pressed to one ear as recordists are known to do, made the train his own recording studio and proceeded to sing/rap about, as I gathered, tsunamis, "woman in bed," and god and presumably record a track as well. I read a New Yorker article about Corey Arcangel (sp?). Was a nice little article about lite, poppy art until mention was made of the young artists bout of cancer. There i slid against youthful mortality and a chilling shadow cast over me. Earlier, I had slipped on some Joanna Newsom. To relax.

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Eugene Dick said...

I can't GIVE this shit away.