Saturday, December 4, 2010

Le Pouteeen 12 4 10

Rihanna: Hello, aviary captain of sea flows.
Jason Statham: Come on, let's take those pants and sweaters off that mannequin.
R: We had some fun times under the covers. I hid some C-4 beneath the bed. Can't wait for it to explode.
J: Trust me. It already exploded. Nobody knew except us. Colourful fucking explosions., Period.
R: Hey, guy, let's figure out ourselves in terms of our bodies. In terms of plane tickets. Tickets for Caracas and a connecting flight (Montreal). I have a girlfriend there that can hole us up for a quick joint.
J: I've thought about these things at length. It turns out that one cannot find a decent organic fruit betwixt the places one finds coconuts in that Brazilian part of Brussels. Brussels. Brussels. Brussels. Something.
R: I strapped the TNT to the lambo waiting outside of that shit hotel. Can't wait to jump off the tower. Watch me. (MAN FALLS)
J: Okay, I guess. Okay.

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