Tuesday, January 19, 2010

le Pouteeen xxxxxxxxxxxjet series

In a while I haven't seen you.

Yes. I know. You've been in Bangalore making tiny computer chips.

Enough small talk. How about I introduce you to my legal counsel.

Hello. I'm Janice's legal counsel. Do you have strife with the amendments she's proposed to the legal bill?

(There occurs an explosion outside the tiny cafe they were slowly enjoying their seltzer water at)

Forget legal. I love you Henry.

(Janice flings herself into Henry's arms. He carries her to the F-16 waiting outside VROOMING its engines).

That was Saturday. Only one of them survived the week.


Message Therapist said...

Pretty amazing

Gmblr wth habt said...

Need to take you to craps table! Too good.

Luigi DiSaronno said...


Luigi DiSaronno said...


Luigi DiSaronno said...