Sunday, June 7, 2009

le pouteen three thousand iiiivvvvv

welcome back. I'm in cairo. i have a view of the pyramids outside my apartment.

I have scaled the andes but I have never scaled the pyramids.

And I know that I never will because tomorrow they will be nothing but a pile of rubble.

Hold up wait a minute..there is a rumbling outside the tombs.

we have got to get the fuck out of here

that sounds like a fair proposition. i have thought about things here in egypt. it turn out that nothing is true. except the C4 i have strapped to my chest. i need to fling this into the 3rd floor apartment. the explosion is huge.

yo don't worry we will go to my chalet in the swiss alps. i have a jacuzzi there where you can soak your limbs. but afterwards you have to perform in my studio video. just joking, person. i've never placed conditions upon usage of my jacuzzi.

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