Sunday, August 3, 2008

Le Pouteen the Greater: The Batchelor Party for Jay

We just careened down Bond Street and crashed our car into the new designer condo.

People yelled out of there windows vomiting over the windshields down below.

We looked up. Meaning "we" we meaning everyone else. Looking up at us as we lighted some C4 and exploded the whole building. All in jest.

We escaped to LGA. And went to Paris. No I mean Geneva. SWTZ

What happened in Geneva? I ran around the lake until the gears jammed. i pulled at the switch but it slipped like a frog underfoot. the settled in. it got cold, and wet.

jesus came screaming from a ford motorcross, mary squeezed bloody babies. i opened my eyes and drank the cold lake.

I'm pretty sure nobody has any idea what Jesus has for a face. Dry hump world domination blonde something. Juliette Lewis ate out a preggo. It was something to do with a space, an art space that nobody likes. I shot a camaro with a shitty eight track.

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