Friday, July 4, 2008

Fall Back Le Puteen

Are you aware of where we are? In a city that craved the huge beast window where I use to fuck they used to jeer across street and would later buy me hot dogs because I fucked so hard. I'm terrosist. I'm a cultural terrorvomit.

I made up I'm a publisher. I'm a bike messenger and love it. I can't tell anyone I love to eat tasti d lite.

Chick Fila you ask?

I've had a scotter experience in Miami and I think Versace was a genius, and he makes great food. Other than that, I'd rather be on Cape Cod making raw lobsters in a boiling pot.

who knows. I'm a dainty dandy in distress.\\\

will do
in happenstance
they do in good time
i have the money but i won't
we will in good time
my car is in the shop
i have no money
only in monaco
we'll make out in new jersey

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