Friday, July 4, 2008

The anit roma post. In the world of sickness. We are in the sickness

We write to your left.

you lacked face blood.

blood. blood.

Eve. r. will wound. sick deep.

I bought a car in the classifieds.

and then i got an email back:

"Apartment empty would like a piano and a dragon ficus only exists in Northern Britain.

I've taken a skiff to the berumda Islands. I've had made friends; travel will never cleanse any one person. But that's okay because there is not a 'god.'

End quote. Judgment is a difficult task that is built for those who love leisure and deliberation. Evidence question closed. We'll let the quote in, entirely because commas dominate our speach and means of thinking about expression. We're inadequate. Weee Hooo !!! At last, travel will never

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