Tuesday, April 29, 2008

WTF Moment of the Year

This year's dubious honor belongs to Armin Meiwes, a one-time cannibal who now abstains from all meats from the confines of prison.

It seems as though Mr. Meiwes put out an ad online back in 2001 in search of a friend to cut and eat. Sounds appealing, right? Well, a man by the name of Bernd Jürgen Brandes seemed to think so. As the story goes, Brandes and Meiwes met up in March 2001 for their flesh fiesta. After amputating Brandes penis (though Brandes initially wanted Meiwes to remove said appendage by biting), the two men began to prepare the newly sliced meat with a nice salt/pepper/garlic seasoning to enrich the taste. Unfortunately the penis proved too weak of a meat to cook as it ended up immediately burning to a crisp. Not to be thwarted, Meiwes set his sights on the rest of Brandes' flesh as his counterpart slowly gushed blood from his used-to-be pee tube. Eager to pass the time until he could finish his man steaks, Meiwes caught up on a little light reading as he enjoyed a Star Trek book to work up a healthy appetite. Needless to say, some human was eaten a few hours later.

Jesus Christ! I guess it's a damn good thing Mr. Meiwes quit eating humans and became a strict vegetarian. Now he's just got to work on his more dangerous vices like cigarettes and alcohol.


GG Allin said...

That's about as punk rock as it gets!

pg allin said...

that's a little extreme for me