Thursday, April 17, 2008

Support The Lawyers

When the unemployment rate for lawyers is high, bloodshed is imminent. French, Cuban, American... you research any famous revolution and you'll find one thing for sure: unemployed lawyers were causing all the trouble.

Which is why lawsuits are good, even when they might seem antisocial or frivolous. So perhaps everyone should take a minute out of his and her days to check out SueEasy, where you can file a specific complaint with ease, or simply peruse various class action lawsuits to see if you're eligible for a piece of the pie. Maybe you've had a negative experience with craigslist?. Or maybe you're sick and tired of the old battle over the disparate number of hot dogs and buns per pack. If either of these suits succeed the participants will probably receive enough cash to buy at least two or three pieces of pie, and the lawyers involved will be too busy swimming in house-sized vaults full of cash to overthrow the government. So, get out there and bitch!

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