Monday, April 28, 2008

Wesley Stripes?

The actor from SoBro whose work includes the Blade trilogy and Demolition man will be spending three years in prison for intentionally not filing income taxes from 1999-2001. Apparently he tried the oldest trick in the book:

"His lawyers tried to give the court three envelopes with checks totaling $5 million, but the judge and prosecutor said they could not accept the payments."

The plan further backfired when " an Internal Revenue Service agent collected the money during a recess."

Poor Wesley, his movies entertained us so. I've probably donated $25 or so of my personal wealth to Wesley Snipes over the years and frankly i'm glad he didn't split it with the government. If I were handling his defense, I would argue that between the years 1999 and 2001 Wesley was working as a UN special operative while struggling to keep his relationship together, and also being blackmailed by a corrupt german gun manufacturer who held his daughter hostage: classic case of duress.

Speaking of classic: Rising Sun (1993), classic, total classic!


mike belgrove said...

Poor Wesley, lol. According to my fellow Highbrid Nation blogger Juan, Wesley cut 15 million dollars in checks hoping to get a little mercy from the court but got nothing but the book thrown at him. Guess we won't be seeing a Blade 4 anytime soon. Though I feel bad that his sentence was so harsh, I also feel like if I have to pay taxes then so does he.

MJ said...

You think they'd throw Stephen Dorf in jail for unpaid taxes? No. because stephen dorf is white, and has very very little taxable income

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