Sunday, April 13, 2008

lE POUTEEN the fourth side project.

Time when I thought we knew the gulf.

we skate boarded through the sands I saw arms i cut off last night.

and then you pulled a glock. you scared me and my parents.

i forced them onto a boat and pushed it into the current.

i fired shots wildly in their direction

as they floated in the general direction of new jersey.

we put our t shirts and bombed the jersey shore and the sand blasted in waves of fireworks.

you asked me if we ever killed someone

you said no.

i said yes. i'm a dying breed.

We had a stack of cakes

to mull the situation over

and spiked that shit

with acid and the hostess

gave me a tender grin.

and recommended a little place

on bond street,

we smiled knowingly to each other.

i slipped a piece of metal

casing out of my rucksack;

you pulled out a handful

of screws and a fistful of c4.

we got in a cab.

And he said I'd rather have a birth borne babe off my grandmothers

we'd rather bleed to death than drive to Montreal.

Let's go to Montreal you piece of shit let's drive till the break of dawn.

i'd lived

We've got the end of the line.

i've blown the end of the line.


Crap boy. real man said...

I'd rather read my grandmother's obituary. if she died in the great fire.

MJ said...

I'm just happy to be alive