Sunday, April 6, 2008

Le Pousteeen VVII Partted six

We'd grabbed a cab and killed the cabbie because we had a glock and we had bullets.

my partner had a ____ and pasted it under the cab going by the known apartment

the guy, my partner said, how do you know these fools.

I don't know anyone except that one person that fled and had the nametag that I could read.

Oh yeah. you a big reader.

yeah. i like to read some proust in my spare time.

what do you like to read in your work time?

mostly the federal register and smut fuck magazine.

we're about to jet off to pyongyong and we're going to topple that government.

how about we make out first.


1 comment:

Tony Ratslayer said...

only 2:41 a.m.? this part is not as good as the 5 to 6 a.m. installations. that's when the creative juices really get flowing.