Monday, April 14, 2008

DiSaronno Fashionista: The Union Suit Edition

In this inaugural DiSaronno Fashionista post, we point you in the direction of a trend that is quickly heating up faster than summer posts about Summer '08 on this blog: the union suit.

As a testament to how popular this item is, note that this item is currently unavailable this posting (this is probably due to the fact that so many people have ordered union suits that they have to ship more in from the Yukon and Pacific Northwest). So, if you can find another retailer that has one in stock, pick up a union suit as soon as possible. Your friends will all be jealous, curious, and furious that they didn't beat you to it (but don't worry, we won't tell them where you heard about this trend).
DiSaronno Fashionista: You may like the way you look, but I can't guarantee it.

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Barack Obama said...

People only wear these because they are bitter about their economic circumstances.