Thursday, April 10, 2008

DiSaronno Blog Poll: Sudden Death

The impossible has happened: three gums are tied for first in the standings of this weeks poll. I'm so excited I'm about to pee in my chair, only to fill my bladder up with coffee again so that my bladder whispers to myself again.

So, America, now is your time to help make history. In the first ever DiSaronno Blog Poll Sudden Death, you can vote for your favorite of the 3 tied gums:

1. Double Mint
2. Juicy Fruit
3. Big Red

In lieu of a new poll, you may cast your ballot in the comment section of this post. Vote early, vote often. Stay up all night voting for you favorite. We don't care how many votes each person gets. [Insert Florida voting joke here.]


Luigi DiSaronno said...

Juicy Fruit.

Tony Ratslayer said...

Double Mint. The subtlest and tastiest mint gum ever made.

Firebird said...

Natty Light!

MJ said...

Big Red, like in the picture