Monday, April 7, 2008

DiSaronno Blog Poll: Gum Preference

The contest for the king of 80s icy fresh breath is heating up, just in time for summer. This is without a doubt the closest poll we have ever had; if you feel very strongly towards one of the gums, I highly recommend you tell your friends and family to vote now, before the polls close. To help the undecideds make up their minds, here are commercials from each gum:


Juicy Fruit:

Big Red:




Jolly Green Giant said...

this was the worst poll ever in the history of dblog. i can't believe i continue to read this hunk of junk

Yellow Parrot Guy said...

And following right on the heels of the best poll ever.

Kerri Struggle said...

These gums are for low income minorities. I chew "5."

Phoenix Doherty said...

The Jolly Green Giants? Almost as piss poor as The Shitty Beatles.