Thursday, May 1, 2008

Restaurant Review - Pianos

If you ask Mark Gastieneau about his first eating experience at Pianos, his eyes will likely go misty as he stares off into the distance and relives the first bite of that $5 happy hour burger he ever had. If you pry even further and inquire about the nachos, the calamari and the drink specials, he may break down into tears of joy trying to explain to you the joy he feels for this establishment only partially known for eating.

And so would I.

Timed perfectly to open for a casually late brunch (read: you cannot last any longer, are waiting outside at 2:55PM and considering getting a taco at San Loco to hold you over), the 4 hour happy hour remains one of my favorite choices for daylight dining. What's good here? Let's see... the shots (and bottles) of gin, the disaronno, the big juicy burgers, the nachos (with or without chicken), the calamari, the coffee, the gooey blender drinx, the friendship, the magic, the love, the everything.

Pianos: You're going to like the way it treats you. I guaranfuckingtee that.

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