Friday, March 14, 2008

Restaurant Review - Good World Bar

My first trip to the Good World Bar was not for food. In fact, I was not even aware they served food till my second visit. It was my third trip when I finally muscled up the courage to order the Swedish Meatballs. Next week, I tried the Sunday Dinner. After that, the Venison Sausage. All three have changed my life. While their fish dishes can be somewhat bland (this is Scandinavian fare, after all), the meat and potato-type entrees are unbeatable. Add to that a formidable beer selection, a wine menu that holds its own, and a selection of aquavit's, and you have a winning combination. As an added bonus, the outdoor tables are a delightful treat during the summer.


Mark Gastineau said...

This place blows. Who else wants to burn it to the ground?

Phoenix Doherty said...

You and your small hands could never cause any damage to the herculean pillars of the Good World Bar.

That reminds me of the time I spent in a cozy little ski lodge in the woods of Aspen. The rich aroma of hot cocoa seemed to tickle our noses as we warmed ourselves by the fireplace. I don't think I will ever feel as warm as I did in that ski lodge.