Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pouteeeen The Threat: Act Three

All of a sudden they just decide to set up a bomb that tries to explode the whole world.

D: Dude Let's try to make up a bomb that explodes the whole world and see what happens.

E: Girl. Not sure about that. It seems pretty drastic. Really drast--

D: Too bad man. Too bad. I've already made this happen and I've got the C4 to have a damn good fireworks extravaganza.

E: Not on Bond Street. Not on Bond Street. The architecture is way too bad man. It would be too appropriate.

D: You're right. Let's just make out hardcore.

(They make out for a few minutes while cars collide and explode and random gangs infiltrate various buildings along B. Street.)

E: You're awesome, But I've got to deal. Let's jet off to Bangkok, score some guns, buy a car in Europe and just take New York by storm.

D: Good call. I don't know why I never knew you before but you might be a genius. Or very close to a rapper I once knew.

E: Let's go. Let's go.

(They fade away into the fog covering Bond street, and the yellow of a taxi can be seen picking them up and carrying them away.)


Anonymous said...

Man get yourself some kind of life jacket because this shit is sinking fast like McCain on a Muslim fire jumping ceremony

MJ said...

brilliant. Bond St = Hi Fi, c4 = blow, making out = getting wasted, jetting off = staying up in an apt on saint marks til 6am, and the repetition of these themes in each act is a metaphor for how every weekend's the same?

JM said...

Agree with MJ's comment. Our shit stinks just like the aarabs and we should all die in general. Come on Pouteeeeen get a life.

emjae said...

Agree with mj's comment. In many ways The Treat speaks to a demographic that should be buried in some sort of Yayville Central. Let all those fockers die. I've got a knife. Anyone have a gun?

TJ said...

bANGcock. A bunch of fay's. I can laugh really by myself and bike to the nearest bodega and buy a shrimp sandwich.

1000111001111 said...


Jesus Christ said...

Mathematics mean a lot to me, and we really need to come together on this one.

MJ said...

yo jster, we should hang out. we can draw on my walls and share some rice pilaf. i'm free every day this week except monday