Thursday, March 20, 2008


In honor of the NCAA tournament beginning today, most blogs and websites are choosing to honor this annual sporting event with intense overexposure. During my daily surfing of the internets in lieu of doing actual work this morning, I stumbled across a hastily-organized spoof on America's obsession with the tournament. The fools over at the Giant Show have morphed March Madness into March Sadness, a bracket filled with 64 sad happenings throughout history.

While some of the rankings appear valid (AIDS and the Holocaust both garnering #1 seeds), the creators should have used some oversight with others (John Lennnon's death sadder than MLK's or Lincoln's?). Now I know this idea is really morbid and debating the merits of their choices is even more disturbing, but my colleagues MJ and Tony Ratslayer were as equally appalled by the omission of such occurrences as African Genocide or Tibet. Colonialism? Does the name Matthew Shepherd ring a bell? Oh wait, what about slavery? Yeah you're right, I guess Britney Spears going crazy was much sadder than hundreds of years of forced servitude. My bad.


Giant Brian said...

I agree that many sad events were not in the tournament. The issue is how could you rank the horrors of Chinese ruled Tibet or Darfur lower than a 5 seed? I didn't want to insult the event by giving it a low and obviously unfair seeding.

That being said, you're blog is well-written

Anonymous said...

Giant Show is the sht! Loser face who posted this blog, quit taking yourself so seriously - nobody else takes you that serious. I hope those bugs up you and your friends a**es dies and you guys learn what it's like not to be so uptight.

HOLLA! lol

nadhiyah said...

While I am not a big fan of this March Sadness bracket, I have to comment on your take on the show itself. I think it is suffice to say that you figured it out yourself when you said it was a spoof. Somewhere along the line of looking at the actual events listed, you started taking it seriously. While you were surfing the net and stumbling across the Giant Show website, did you not bother doing a bit more research about what the show was like, what kind of audience it appeals to? Maybe you had to get to work and didn't fully absorb what this bracket is truly about. I'll take the time to point out some obvious truths.
You have a talent for writing, we can see this. You surf the net looking for something to actually talk about. Why? Because you want to appeal to people. Do you really care about this game put on by the Giant Show? Eh, not likely.
Every single radio show has a target audience. In my experience, they also all do things to get that audience involved with that show/station. From taking calls from listeners to remotes to silly little games where the audience can interactively vote on things on the website, they are constantly trying to form a bond with their listeners. The Giant Show is a relatively new morning show who is creatively learning just what does appeal to their audience. I'm not sure about anyone else, but this makes perfect sense to me!
Oh, and by the way, congratulations! You just plugged the show!

MJ said...

I loved the Giant Show idea. I'm sad that its fans don't understand yet a second level of spoof.

MJ said...

Shit... look at those grammar and spelling errors... all these comments are by Phoenix Doherty and I just got myself punk'd, didn't i?

Phoenix Doherty said...

Sorry MJ, this is my first comment.

And nadhiyah, I don't see any reference to boycotting the Giant Show, so it doesn't matter if we plug it or not. The fact that you are taking time to read and retort on our blog is a great plug for us! THANX! Keep reading!

Anonymous said...
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