Friday, March 21, 2008

Good (european music) Friday

The Hara Kee Rees hail from Germany and are at the forefront of a large European throwback garage rock scene that recently has stolen my heart. Reasons to love them include their "noose ties," their obviously bad German haircuts, the fact that one member plays the organ, and how much they make you wanna dance like it's 1965 in Hamburg. It's a lousy live recording, but check out "Can't Stop Thinking About You" below and some of the songs on their website.

Another top pick from this genre is the (unfortunately named) Curlee Wurlee! out of France. Bonus: the organ player in this group is the female lead singer. Check out "Make You Cry" on their myspace page, and find their album available for download here.

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Rowdy Rodder Piper said...

Yes. This music really could cull support for some baby KILLLERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSLOLOLOLOLZWERSRSERSRS!!!!!!!!111111111