Friday, March 7, 2008

Gawker Accellerates Descent to Right Wing Mouthpiece Status

Gawker Headine: "The Terrorists Win: Harvard Bows Five Times (And Once More To Be Safe) To Pressure From Muslim Students"

Gawker links to an op-ed in the Boston Herald that jumps on this "news" as an opportunity to complain about Harvard's track record of allowing famous Muslims to say bad things at the Kennedy School and even, gasp, take money from rich Muslims. An article in the same newspaper covers the "news" story with which the original Gawker "post" was concerned and clarifies as follows:

"The policy only applies to one gym.... Because of its location at the edge of campus, it is the university's least used gym...

"The women-only hours are of minimal inconvenience because they are just six out of the 70 hours a week the gym is open..."

Nick Denton's no poor/dummy; he knows that details such as these can get in the way of a well thought out agenda.

Credit for these quotes goes to Gawker commenter "La Cieca," who notably asks, "Since when did Gawker turn into"


DiSaronno Paparrozzo Blind Item: "Which big-domed gossip blog mogul and university-hating right-wing firebrand were spotted canoodling together in the public sex part of Central Park (that's the north part)?"

Answer: Nick Denton and David Horowitz


Firebird said...

Luigi Disaronno + Nick Denton = man-on-boy lovefest.

Firebird said...

Also find it strange that Disaronno's administrators don't see eye to eye with Gawker's new tactics. Both appear to strongly favor censorship: