Thursday, March 27, 2008

For Your Lunch Break

In observance of this year's most epic show (thus far), there will be no Lunch Break today. Please observe the flyer and eat in silence.

I will not even attempt to explain the magnitude of this party as it will only fall short of what it is. It should be apparent in the contents alone. If not, you simply do not deserve to eat your lunch today. Please dispose now and leave this blog immediately.

Finally, I welcome you to leave the most hurtful of comments about how I will not be attending this event because I am a worthless corporate tool. Anyone that can convince me to give up my priorities for a night will be greatly rewarded.


Phoenix Doherty said...

I am not going out until May 10, for the 1 Year Anniversary Party of DiSaronno Blog. Yeah, the party is going to be that big. I'll probably be recovering till May 10 2009, just in time for the 2 Year Anniversary Party of DiSaronno Blog.

Mark Gastineau said...

If we do this blog right, none of us should see May 10, 2009 . . . in this world at least.

Kerri Struggle said...

I take back the statement I made about this being the BEST show this year - I forgot about a lot of other parties. Sorry!