Friday, March 28, 2008

European Music Friday!

First, the Mojomatics. Typical of a good european band in that they have an awful, awful name and they're really well dressed. Two guys from Italy with a perfect blues/rock/swing sound (just like the early white stripes, before people realized the drummer was a chick), check out the video below or their myspace page, and if you likes, then find their first album for download here

Next, out of Sweden, is Murder By Guitar. Check out "I'm in Love with the Future" on their myspace page. No video to play here bc there aren't any on youtube, but i've included their album cover below because i love it and the t rex is nicely symbolic of how this band is always looking to the past as well as the future.

And finally, also out of Sweden, the Tough Alliance. This band will blow your mind because (i swear to god) they formed in 2003 and this video was in fact made in the last few years (and not in the 80s). Is Sweden really just like the 80s? Potentially people there look and dress like the blonde dancers in the Rick Roll video. I'm lost in thought now, just watch the video and discuss.

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