Monday, March 3, 2008

Cartoons Really Are Informative!!

Pasted to my couch on Saturday afternoon nursing one hangover while I started creating another, I spent more than a disgusting amount of time watching television this weekend. Sick of election updates, meaningless sporting contests, and the third showing of Con Air on TNT, I decided to explore my DVR and study up on the profound lessons taught by cartoons. Needless to say, AQTF taught me valuable lessons about not only the real estate market but also about complex technologies and good singing. Enjoy a sample of some of the valuable lessons learned:

1)Lesson learned? Asians are shrewd hagglers when it comes to purchasing property:

2)Lesson learned? Robots don't like water:

3) Lesson learned? Jon Kruk is not a good singer . . . and he used to have a sick mullet.

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