Tuesday, February 12, 2008

With Malice Toward None; With Charity For All, I Want To Take You To the Gay Bar

Happy 199th Birthday, Abraham Lincoln. We miss your legendary honesty. Courtesy of La Mongoosette, check out our greatest President's second inaugural address. For comparative inferiority of rhetoric, take a look at Slate's comprehensive collection of Bushisms that make Yogi Berra sound like Marcus Tullius Cicero.

In cinema news, Steven Spielberg's next film will be a biopic of our beloved sixteenth President. One of the screenwriters is prominent presidential scholar and Harvard Professor of Political Science, Doris Kearns Goodwin, married to former presidential speechwriter for the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, Richard Goodwin. Sound promising? The other writer is Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tony Kushner of Angels in America fame. Oh, and Liam Neeson is rumored to play Honest Abe.

All that said, no man is a god, nor should we worship any as one. To help reinforce this caveat against idolatry, watch Electric Six's uncensored music video for "Gay Bar" and try to maintain that untarnished image of Abraham Lincoln in your head.


Honest Abe said...

Far and away the best President in the United States of America.

Phoenix Doherty said...

Lincoln may have been twice as tall as me, but he was four times the man that Firebird is!

Le Mongoose said...

let's start a petition to get daniel day-lewis to play robert e. lee.

Luigi DiSaronno said...

If you are saying Lincoln is tarnished b/c he is gay, you are a homophobe.

Le Mongoose said...

There is only spurious speculation that Lincoln ventured through Gayville, mostly by hack historians looking to score a quick buck.

For the record, Le Mongoose is down with all forms of sexuality barring incest, rape, pedophilia, and cobra love.