Thursday, February 14, 2008

White People are Lame

I came across another blog recently (one superior to this one in every way), that gave a rundown on how to get more street cred. I need it desperately. It's a simple list documenting stuff you shouldn't do or like, if you want to be "down with it" (see that, eh, I'm picking up the lingo). I hated Juno, so that definitely makes me less white. I am not a lawyer - that's two points. I fucking hate dogs and their owners. And I don't live by the beach. I'm as gangsta as they come. If you want to get fresh and ditch tha cracker ass crackers, check this sizzite out:

Street Cred for Dummies

If you don't run marathons, have a tv, are not vegetarian, and don't know how to snowboard, you're on your way. Stay black.

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